We are Primal

Pioneers, Adventurers, Trailblazers

Primal watches showcase mother natures beauty in a world quickly consumed by urban concrete and steel. 

Our story started with a simple thought.

That as a modern society, we were losing ourselves to the concrete jungle.

We wanted to see a part of ourselves taken back to a place where our lives were simple, wild and free. A time of adventure and unknown, and a time where simplicity ruled.

There is beauty and tranquility in the simple things, and when wearing a Primal watch co timepiece, that sense of simplicity and wilderness reignites to become a part of you.

We want you to experience that incredible feeling of feeling closer to nature and closer to primordial way of living without having to leave the city.

Primal watch co ™ believes that sustainable products and materials have the potential to change peoples perception about the products they use and  empowers them to give back to the planet.

Humble beginnings

Primal watch co™ started like any other small enterprise. An idea developed over long days and long nights. Sketching concepts, producing working drawings, assembling prototypes and failing to deliver on the dream we had so strongly believed in.

Until finally, we were able to offer the world a quality, working wooden timepiece.

6 years on from the initial wooden watch, the Primal lifestyle has influenced thousands of people across the globe.

Worldwide consensus

From humble beginnings, we expected there would be a minority of people who agreed with us and could relate to our mission. Our thinking was completely wrong. It turns out a much larger cross section of people are aware of their impact on the planet, and were looking for products that were sustainable but high quality.

Primal watch co™ grew quickly into a global brand, selling thousands of timepieces to countries all over the planet. Planting thousands of trees in the process and restoring ecosystems one watch at a time.