Product information

Are your watches made of real wood?
Absolutely! Any watch of ours that features wood is real wood. 

Some of your watches don't have much wood at all, why is that?
We have tried to cater for a number of tastes, and this has lead to the development of some watches not incorporating much wood. However these watches remain carbon neutral, and a portion of the sale is donated to save habitat and wildlife.

Are the watches waterproof?
No, our watches are not completely waterproof. Some light rain will not damage your watch but we don't suggest showering or swimming with your watch on.

I have small wrists, will the watches fit me?
Our watch bands will arrive over length to cater for a large range of wrist diameters. For wooden straps we include a tool to help you remove links and size the strap accordingly. For leather and material straps this isn't necessary as you can use the adjustable holes.

Can the color differ from the photos?
Yes there will be small variances but that's what makes every watch unique. Wood grain is like a fingerprint and each piece will be different. Your watch won't look exactly the same as the product photos but will be similar.

What movement powers your watches?
For most of our watches we use a high quality, high precision, Japanese Quartz Movement.
Our Automatic watches feature a Japanese Automatic Movement meaning it doesn't have a battery - it's powered through your everyday motions! It can also be wound if you haven't worn it for a while!

How do I care for a wooden watch?
You can keep your watch in great condition by occasionally oiling the wood. This is best done by mixing oil oil and lemon juice in equal proportions and lightly dabbing it onto the wooden surfaces and allow it to dry.

Are your sunglasses polarized?
Yes, all our sunglasses include polarized lenses.

Shipping + payment

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, to most countries. We do have some exclusions, but for full details of where we ship please check out our shipping policy.

How long will it take my order to arrive?
Please see our shipping policy page for detailed information as times may vary depending on the destination country.

What are the shipping rates?
Our orders on watches and sunglasses include free standard shipping so there is no cost to you. However for up to date information please see our shipping policy.

What are the return costs?
If you are unhappy with your product you can return it, however we ask that you cover the cost for the return. For faulty products, we are happy to cover the cost of the return. If your item is engraved, we do not refund the cost of the engraving.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Google pay, Apple pay, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Is sales tax charged?
We currently do not charge sales tax on items.


Does my watch include a warranty?
All Primal watches are produced with an emphasis on quality. Each item is inspected and thoroughly tested before dispatch. We are confident that our product, if treated with respect will function for a very long time. However a very small number may malfunction. If this happens within 12 months from the date you place your order, you can open up a support ticket.

The warranty only covers internal malfunction of the watch, and does not include damage from use or moisture.